Call for proposal 2019 Kindernothilfe Thailand

06 มิ.ย. 2562

Call for Proposal 2019


Kindernothilfe e.V. (KNH) is an International Charitable Organization working for disadvantaged children in 33 countries in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

In Thailand, Kindernothilfe (KNH Thailand) are supporting several development projects implementing by local Thai NGOs to promote the participation and the rights of children. We also promote the women empowerment to ensure the protection of the children. Our strategic target groups are migrant children. In Thailand, it is predominant that the migratns are stricken by poverty. Migrants and their children in the border region between Thailand and Myanmar are particularly disadvantaged. Children in migration continuously exposed to abuse, trafficking, and exploitation. Working together with our partners in the border areas of Thailand and Myanmar, we combat child trafficking and build awareness for the rights of migrant children by supporting women in setting up self-help groups that have proven effective in alleviating poverty. We believe that once the women gain power, knowledge and capacities, they will ensure the better livelihood of their children and their children from any rights violation. We, therefore, are determined to mainstream the self-help group approach among our partners.

What is KNH’s self-help group approach?

 The Self-help group approach by KNH is the right-based approach that aim to empower women to alleviate the poverty which obstruct them from claiming their rights and the right of their children. We believe that all women are potential and their potential will be unleashed by the conducive environment. The self-help approach can be compared to building an institution – People’s Institution that constructed on the empowered women. The People’s Institution in this KNH’s approach comprise of three levels:

 The self-help group level: members are made up from 15-20 female individuals. They save regularly and take loans to start small business and improve their income. Each member is empowered through the group activities such as taking decisions during meetings, deciding common rules, and monitor their changes. They also set the individual and group goals to change the aspects of their lives and their families.

The Cluster Association Level (CLA): members are made up from the representatives of the 8 self-help groups. They mobilizes resources for the needs of the community. They sets goals and plan activities and projects to address needs of the community and also to ensure the regular functioning of their SHGs and form new SHGs as need arises. The CLA members participate in governance both within the CLA and externally.

The Federation Level: member are mad up from the representatives of the 8 CLA. As this level, a visible and sustainable Peoples Institution is established with more numbers of women they represent. Federation utilizes the strength in number to able to raise its voice against injustices and seek good governance and accountability from the authorities and decision makers. By playing the role of effective bridge between people and the government, the Federation contributes to the right enjoyment of themselves and their children.

The organization that implement this approach or who we call the Promoting Organization pays an important part in building the strong People’s Institution.  This involves

  • Establish and capacitate the People’s Institution, starting from the self-help groups to larger clusters (CLA) and then eventually through an organization (Federation) that can bring the structural change
  • Support the People’s Institution by building network and linkage with the civil society and government
  • Hand over the ownership and responsibility to the People’s Institution for them to continue independently and sustainably

Therefore, the will be no dole-out support in the project implementation because the empowered women can tab resources where they are in need of with the support from the Promoting organizations in linkage and networking.

We, Kindernothilfe, work along with our partner to promote the self-help approach and establish the strong People’s Institution where people can sustain themselves in claiming the rights. Similar to the relationship between the self-help groups and the Promoting organizations, we believe in the potential of our partners. We believe in learning, sharing and improving together. We provide support including capacity building and advices and recommendations on project strategy, project management and organizational development. We believe that the potential of partners can be unleashed just like the women they are working with.

We are looking for the like-minded registered non-government organizations to implement the KNH’s Self-help approach in their project areas. The preferred project areas should be in the Northern region and on the Thailand-Myanmar border where the migrants and their children prevalently traverse and reside. The qualified organizations should have the experience on community development, children development, women empowerment and rural development. Knowledge on right-based approach is an advantage but more important than any, we are looking for the organizations with continual learning and improvement mindset that believe in the potential of people.


Budget and timeframe

  • 20,000 EUR/year for Pilot stage (2 years) with the potential of Expansion stage (5-6 years) to complete the milestone of this approach.
  • The approved projects are expected to start the implementation in March, 2020.


Required documents

  • Concept Note with the brief information of the selected target group and community and the situation analysis.
  • Organization-related documents: previous annual report and registration certificate.



All required documents shall be submitted to Sangsupa Penrach (National Self-help Approach Coordinator) via by 31 July 2019.

The prospective organizations will be contacted and will be invited to SHA orientation and proposal development workshop.  Further information or inquiry can be additionally requested through the same email.  


Kindernothilfe’s self-help approach: Unleashing human potential