New jobs opening – Come join us!

31 พฤษภาคม 2017

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To all changemakers out there,
We are looking for 2 new team members.

School of Changemakers is a social incubator that supports changemakers to make differences. We provide knowledge and community including coach, consultant and other engagement for changemakers to grow their social ventures in supportive ecosystem. Moreover, we are growing more social impact by including universities, organisations and business sector in our model.

We are looking for persons who is extremely passionate in social innovation and social entrepreneurship to join our tight-knit team:

University Partnership Associate (1 position)

Changemaker Incubation Network (CMIN) is an initiative under School of Changemakers. The aim is to create the community of university professors that share passion in supporting higher education students to make positive social impact to the society. CMIN will be hosting events for instructors to connect and work as a network, including capacity building, knowledge sharing, online-offline communication and related activities to help incubators build their own social incubation effectively and successfully.

1. Extremely passionate about social innovation/social entrepreneurship
2. Good networking and people skills 
3. Able to co-ordinate, manage and organise projects and events (i.e. Hold conferences)
4. Good command of spoken and written English

Web administration Associate (1 position)

School of Changemakers is building online and offline platform as a part in supporting anyone to make a difference. First and foremost, online platform can act as the first entrance for people who is passionate in creating positive impacts for the society but do not know where and how to start. Our ideal platform will be a place for like-mind people to meet and find useful tools to develop your own social venture steps by steps. More, it will provide opportunity for changemakers to connect with coach, consultants and partners, and prototype social and sustainable model successfully.

We are looking for a web administrator who will manage and moderate online platform effectively.

1. Extremely passionate about social innovation/ social entrepreneurship 
2. Good at learning, searching and analysing information
3. Willing to manage and moderate the above mentioned online platform
4. Good command of spoken and written English

Salary is negotiable. Please send your resume and cover letter by including answers to the questions below by June 15, 2017 to [email protected]

1. Kindly tell us about yourself and your life goals.
2. Please describe briefly about your personality. If applicable, kindly include results of personality tests such as StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc.
3. Tell us the reasons you want to join School of Changemakers in this position.
4. Please describe your experience in starting an organization, project or any initiative.
5. Which social problem you are most concerned about and why? How do you plan to tackle it?



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